What does it cost to hire a health coach?

What Does It Cost To Hire A Health Coach?

That depends.

Crappy answer, I know.

Let me attempt to define a more reasonable answer – and then a concrete one.

Yes, I’ll tell you what it costs to hire me. 

But first – I’d like to pontificate on this word, ‘cost’ – because I’ve learned that words are powerful – and this word has some energy behind it.

I think that we can all agree that ‘cost’ means money out of your pocket. But fundamentally, this word means ‘you give me X monies, I give you something of X value in return.’

OK, so let’s dissect ‘value’. Because this makes things interesting.

Value is sort of in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it? Sure there are market forces in action… For example, if you watch Antiques Roadshow, no doubt you are impressed by the dinky little table that is appraised at $250,000. Most of us would never buy that table – because it doesn’t have that sort of value to us… but it’s perceived to be worth that much because of it’s age or rarity or condition or story.

OK – let’s get uncomfortable now and place a value on our health, on our life. Yikes. OK – maybe that’s an infinitely difficult thing to do. Let’s just say that, to us (and to many many others around us) – our lives are invaluable. 

Right – so deep down (or not so deep down) our lives are invaluable… but this doesn’t mean that we have infinite resources.

What I perceive the value of my services are, may not be what everyone perceives the value of my services are. It depends on your particular current pain. If you’ve reached a tipping point with your health.

ALSO of note, people such as myself – have a habit of undervaluing their skills. I can give you references for that tidbit of information. And if you can identify with that one, let me know, I’d like to start a support group for us.


Let’s get back to the original question though: What does it cost to hire a health coach?

That is the question.

We ask this because we want to know if we can afford this service. Because, sure, we’d like to lose weight, or have energy, or wean off a few prescriptions, or be a 100 year-old great great grandma who can break it down at her great granddaughter’s wedding…

I don’t see it as a cost, but an investment. 

The key difference is this… if you consider it a ‘cost’ then you’ll likely get out of it only what you put in to it. But if you realize the investment potential here… damn… you’re in the money.

Here’s what this investment model can look like to you:

  • out-of-pocket cost savings on prescription medications (~$1000’s of dollars)
  • out-of-pocket cost savings on medical copays (~$1000’s of dollars)
  • total cost savings on chronic disease management (~$100,000 – $1,000,000 dollars)
  • sick days saved (potentially months – years)
  • decades of quality life with loved ones (invaluable)
  • decades of quality life for your loved ones (if you play role model – invaluable)

I’m not in the business of convincing you that you need to pay me – I don’t want your money – more than anything – I want you to thrive while you’re here. I’m in the business of supporting people to make sustainable, life altering, change. Change that can have ripple effects down the road. Change that can add quality years to your life and keep you free and clear of major medical expenses.

It’s an investment in your life.

So currently, I offer an individual coaching program for:

$400/ mo – for 6 month individual health coaching programs (that’s $2400 total) – personally, this is less than my student loan payments and for much shorter duration. Contact me for details. 

I plan to offer a 6 month group coaching program this spring (2017), which will run as long as I have 6 people in each group (bring a friend :) ). The cost will be $150/mo (for a total of $900). Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll put you on the list.

So there you have it – this is not for everyone… but this investment comes with awareness, new perspective, sustainable change, adventure, exploration, and health.

It is continuing education… lessons learned and applied to your situation will give you a PhD in YOU.

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  1. I just stumbled across your work today. Love it, I am looking forward to a time when I can work with you on some of my diet and health stuff. BTW your link to Crystalis is broken.

    Take care and have a great day.


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