How Can I Help?

Let’s cut to the chase. You have found my page because you’ve googled something that brought you here. You’re dissatisfied with some aspect of your health and you’re looking to regain control.

There are no secrets to human health, but there is A LOT of information being sold to you out there. People are capitalizing on your discomfort… Or maybe MAKING YOU FEEL unconformable for the purposes of taking your money.

There’s body shaming on one hand… and quick fixes that prey on your vulnerabilities.

And there’s this so-called ‘fitspo’ trend out there – that is flashing a lot of ‘inspirational’ images in your face. I don’t find them inspirational personally… I find them quite narrowly focused on body shapes that are not necessarily the picture of health (I’ve fallen for this – the force is strong).

Bah! So frustrating!

You have all you need to start tinkering with your health today. I’ve got a lot of resources to help – just hover over the ‘How Can I Help? menu to find some answers to common health questions… and I’m here if you need support.