Just Leaping.

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Most of us live in a box of some sort. The foundation for your box was made with support from friends and family, and the rest of this box was crafted by you with the things that you’ve learned and the resources that you’ve gathered.

And you made this box, because that’s just what humans do, we make boxes. From the moment you were born, to the day that you are reading this crazy message – you’ve been in the business of building, renovating, and re-decorating this box of yours.

There’s another name for this box. You can also call it your comfort zone.

And boy is it comfortable in there. Damn cozy. It’s got all of the niceties. It’s wired with all of the modern conveniences you’ll ever need to get by.  And as a bonus, you have complete control over who has access.

Let’s look at this comfort zone of yours from a different perspective.

How often do you peek outside it? Do you know who’s hanging around outside this box? What’s going on outside of those walls? Have you ever climbed on top of this place to see what it feels like up there?

I think it’s safe to say, opportunities in life, they are found outside of the box – outside of your comfort zone.

If you envision everything and everyone that has made you who you are today, I bet the biggest changes in your life have happened because of some leap that you’ve taken. A time when you’ve moved outside of your comfort zone.

Conversely, if you’re seeking major change in your life (ie. relationship, career, body image, health, fitness, dietary), you are quite unlikely to find it in that box of yours. Because, it’s business as usual in there so how will things change?

How do you move away from your comfort zone?  Think about standing in front of a giant, cold, swimming pool.  Are you the type of person who slowly inches in, or are you the just jump in and get it over with kind of person?

Me, I’ve never been a ‘just jump in’ person – always favored the slide-into-the-pool-and-freak-out-the-entire-time approach. <<<That right there is my comfort zone. And that right there is the reason why, I need to start jumping in with wreckless abandon.

Yes, there is fear involved. Sometimes what you need to do is to face that fear… and do it anyway.

I’m happy to let you into my brain on this one – because I’m in the process of leaping as we speak. I have a whole pile of fears, and I’m about to face them head on.

Meredith’s Comfort Zone: I’m sooo comfortable behind my laptop, writing, creating, virtually socializing… I can literally wake up in the morning and sit down in front of this machine and just go to work.

Meredith Wants Major Change: Yes, yes I do. I’m building a new business, and I want to make an impact on my local community. ^^^ Ergo, Meredith’s Comfort Zone is not going to cut it.

Meredith’s Leap: I realize that to meet my goals, I need to literally get out of my house and meet face to face with people, I need to run workshops, I need to offer classes, I need to get out of my jammies in the morning :)  This means networking events, this means figuring out how to market myself, this means just starting my group coaching program.

Leap with me!

Tell me in the comments – What is your comfort zone? What is the major change you’d like to make? How can can leap out of your comfort zone to make that change?





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