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This FREE resource is for women who are ready to regain control of their health, of their LIFE.

Because somewhere along the way… you LOST CONTROL.

Yeah, when was that exactly? For me, it wasn’t until my mid 30’s.  And boy did I have a wake up call.

What happens to us when we’re not feeling right?  When our brain is foggy, when our energy is drained, when we lose interests in taking care of ourselves, maybe our hair is falling out, or our period is wonky, we can’t seem to lose weight.  We seek medical attention, that’s what happens to us.

We’re often medicated to fix what ails us.

Turns out, we were taught that someone else is the expert in us.  We are convinced that we need medical diagnosis and second opinions, convinced that we need conventional testing and dietary advice from people who are taught that there is only one way to nourish yourself.

That, my friend, is bullshit.

You are, in fact, the expert in you… or you should be… and I’m about to help you to see that.

You have a primal instinct… and this instinct is fighting to be heard.  You also have a unique set of circumstances that has shaped your mind and body everyday since you were born. It is my challenge to meet you where you are, and to help you to hear and to trust that primal instinct of yours.

I have created a free 52-week email series that is designed to help bring clarity to your health goals, to get you to question your particular approach to health, to get you to try a few new and unconventional things, to help you to celebrate yourbadself, to help you appreciate the you-ness of you, and to literally evict what YOU decide to be toxic foods, thoughts, relationships, and habits from your life so that you can create an environment where your body can heal from all that life has thrown at it.

Only then will you gain health.

And I’m sooo excited for you, because if you follow this approach – you’ll have regained control, and you’ll want to pay it forward so badly it hurts.

Click the header above, or the image below to sign up.

Hurry up too, before I decide that I’m crazy for giving it all away.

To your health!


Free 52-Week Kick-In-The-Ass (Health Coaching) email series | From This Day Forward Health Coaching #free #healthcoach



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