Health The Way Nature Intended.

Come listen to Adventures in Humaning where Frank & I provide commentary about what it means – for our health – to be human in this modern world.

I claim ancestral health coach status... because I'm literally informed by the intersection of human health and natural science.

The short story is this: I want to help you to get your human schwerve back.

Let me see if I can provide a slightly more satisfying-yet-appropriately-nerdy explanation.

If we adopt an evolutionary perspective for a moment, we can see that human health has been (and still is) shaped by our environment, influenced by a particular set of evolutionary pressures. Our modern environment is so far removed from the environment that informed the bulk of our existence here on Earth [did I tell you I'm a geologist too?].  This new environment has a completely different set of evolutionary pressures - and we're seeing the results of those pressures play out in what has become our disease management system today.Revolutionary Health Class is outside in Madison, WI

I like to study the disconnect between our current state of health and our modern environment. Fundamentally, this disconnect is in the way we eat, sleep, move, and love. <<< This is where the magic happens. Particularly when YOU get curious about this too.

My aim as an ancestral health coach is to help you to shift your perspective, to explore your humanity, and to ultimately gain health every day as a result. You can opt-out of this human experiment we have going on here. I can help you.

I'm on a mission. Help me make everyone who reads these words a little more powerful today.  You have more control over your health than you were taught to believe.  I'm living proof.

To regain control of your life, YOU need to make the first move. You can: